Forecasting Software for Stock Market Prediction

Forecasting Software Neural Networks

One of the most remarkable properties of artificial neural networks is their capability of predicting patterns. Therefore, it is common to find applications designed to predict events before they happen. Most known applications of this kind are designed to predict stock market returns. This software is known as Forex or Forecasting Software.

In my experience, artificial neural networks are capable of predicting market changes accurately as long they were properly trained. So, if you are looking for a solution, stay here and check what I am about to say.

Predict your Stock Market Changes and Make Decisions Based On It

The perfect forex application would be capable to tell you when to buy stocks and when to sell them. Unfortunately, there isn’t such perfect application but you can get 99% of accuracy which can be near to perfect.

Is there such Perfect Application?

The answer is NO. However, I found something that gets really close to that approach. Here is something you may like and that isn’t that expensive.

Presenting you NeuroMaster

NeuroMaster is a forecasting application designed to predict the stock market changes. It practically tells you when to buy and when to sell. This package was programmed and designed by Konstantin Grek and Russian programmer with vast experience in the field.

Here is an intro video of the application.

NeuroAI Test On this Application

Before saying this package may suit your needs, we ran some tests on it. This is what I’ve got:

User Interface

The UI is very friendly, intuitive and easy to use. What you really need to know to understand, this package is about finance and stock market terminology. Therefore, this package is designed for traders and investors.


NeuroMaster reports its findings by two different ways: Data tables and charts. We ran tests predicting data and so far I could tell it does it pretty well. It had some variations with the real results, but these variations were not negative.


The documentation and “how to” modules are well designed and you can learn easily to use it.


The price of this software package may seem high ($250 USD), but it is actually cheap compared to other packages. And the most important thing here: You’ll get satisfactory results. And if you don’t like it you can ask your money back without trouble.

Goto NeuroMaster Home Page Here

Multi-Layer Backpropagation Library v1.0

If by any chance you wanted to create any application that needs the power of a neural network, then I have a solution for you. I introduce you the Multi-Layer Feed-Forward Library using the back-propagation training algorithm.

This library for sure will make easier the implementation of a neural network in your application. For now, the library only supports feed-forward networks.

You probably know what a feed-forward network is, if not I’ll explain it briefly. A feed-forward neural network is a structure where the inputs are propagated and processed thought the neurons from the input layer to the output layer. This is far one of the simplest and useful neural networks around.

What you can do with this library

This library allows you to create, train and implement neural networks in your application, and everything by just writing a few lines of code.

Supported programming Languages

So far the library is supported for C++ and Windows, and it will available for Linux and mobile devices soon.


  • Creation of and training neural networks of unlimited sizes and layers.
  • An easy way to store the neural network data via files with a customized ID so your application could only access it.
  • Easy to use data type structures for safely handling lists and floating point arrays
  • Multithreaded execution during training
  • Source code examples
  • Full documentation
  • Full support via email


  • Visual C++ compiler or GNU C++
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 runtimes for 32 bits version, Microsoft Visual C++ 201 runtime for 64 bit version or MinGW runtimes depending on which compiler you have.
  • Available on dynamic link library


The Multi-Layer feed forward library is free.

You can use accepting this software is provided ‘as-is’, without any express or implied warranty. In no event will the authors be held liable for any damages arising from the use of this software.
You can use it on non commercial and commercial applications under the following restrictions:

  • You must not take owner ship or say that you wrote this library.
  • An acknowledgment in you application documentation is required along with a link to NeuroAI website URL:
  • You may not reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble any of the binary files included in this package.
  • You may not modify any source files and libraries included in this package and republish them as yours.
  • Copyright and license notices on source files may not be removed or altered.



Download Most Recent Version MLBP version 1.0.1a.

Older version libraries here. Feel free to report any bug if you find one.

Documentation: Multi-Layer Backpropagation Library Reference

Examples: Simple Implementation Source code