Book: Neural Networks Algorithms, Applications and Programming Techniques

Neural Network Book 1If you think learning all about neural networks is really easy, well I would tell you really need to give it some time and have patience to understand their complexity.

I always have tried to give you the best information in this website. But there is no other better way to learn everything than having a good book and learn all about it.

A good reading

Here is a book I would really like you to get. The book is Neural Networks, Algorithms, Applications and Programming Techniques. From all the books I have read I’d say this is the best, and it is something worthy to have in your hands.

Get the hard copy

If you search carefully you will find a lot of soft copies around. But in this case I really recommend you to get the hard copy of this book. Why? This is an invaluable resource that guides you through the learning process. As a matter of fact if you are an expert now, this book serves you as a guide and reference if by any reason you get stuck with everything.

Moreover, it is easier to read a hard copy than reading in a computer. Besides the softcopy that is on the net has a terrible quality.

Topics Covered and Structure

The structure of the book is really simple. The author James Freeman, explains everything in detail but with understandable words. It goes chapter by chapter explaining each neural network structure and at the end of each chapter he shows you how to create a software simulator for the network.

How to get this book

You can go to your local bookstore, if you are lucky you may get it there. Or you can buy it online; it only costs about $75 USD new. You can also find it used for much less like about $10 USD. That is really nothing compared to other books.